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Building on a history of almost two decades of li the market award-winning large scale develop-ments, meeting Egypt’s ever growing need for W es. We pride ourselves on our passion for excel-high quality housing, commercial and retail spac-lence and commitment to fostering long-term re-(s) lationships with our clients, shareholders, business partners and employees, which has helped us grow to the corporation we are today.

SIX West completes the pillars of SODIC West in the North West corner as the mixed-use des-tination that capitalizes on the retail, commer-cial and residential components in addition to its proximity to the SODIC Sports Club, providing the owners a full sustained and well serviced development..
SIX West is meticulously designed around a cen-tral piazza. Both homes and offices promise ex-clusiveness and privacy. It is carefully planned to maintain the concept of the promenade and provide exclusive wide open views of the club-house with maximum wind exposure during the Egyptian summer heat.
The piazza generates an enclosed space unifying the office and residential elements and providing a public space that will become a focal point within SODIC west, and a catalyst for community activity.

SIX West boasts a strategic location, situated on the north-west side of SODIC West, overlooking Dahshour Road and Cairo-Alex Desert Road. The ease of access and clear visibility along the two main roads, along with the close proximity to Westown’s Clubhouse, impose a prime value to the project.

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العنوان: الشيخ زايد -القاهره
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