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OIA TOWERS “Commercial and Hotel Apartments” is the latest project of EDGE HOLDING DVELOPMENTS that founded in early 2018 as a mutual venture between Al-Borouj Egypt and El-Mashareq KSA.

With impressive project histories and fifty years of accumulated experience in real estate development, construction and infrastructure in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

EDGE HOLDING Company contracts with “SIAC” company which is considered the most important companies in the Egyptian market in the field of construction that executes the new Al-Alamein towers to implement this project.

OIA Towers

OIA TOWERS project is Mixed Use Towers and they are the highest towers that consist of 30 floors of administrative, commercial and hotel apartments.

The project named after a gorgeous village on Greece’s most famous Santorini Island, OIA is a scenic project that truly feels like an island. That is due to its elevated land that overlooks four main roads that lead to the outside world.

It is spreading across 30 acres, this modern gated community inspires a life of luxury, serenity and downright exclusivity.

At OIA, the green landscapes and blue water features offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of today’s city life. Bordered by four main roads, OIA gives its residents easy access to both: the New Capital and the vibrant city of Cairo.

OIA Towers Location

OIA Towers project is located in a strategic location at the new administrative capital in the Downtown area where you will find everything is available.

And it is surrounded by four roads and axes the Main axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, Al Masa Hotel, Green River and The Central Park of the New Capital.

Retreat from the hustle and bustle of today’s city life with the green landscapes and blue water and live the lifestyle you want, all it takes is to:

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