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Midtown Sky New Capital is developed by Better Home Developments which is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market since 1998 that was founded by Engineer Sherif Adly Kerlis. It has a successful imprint in this field that makes it a distinctive one among other urban investments companies.

Midtown Sky New Capital

Midtown Sky New Capital is a residential compound designed with the taste of civilization and originality in addition to a modern touch, as it contains different units that suit all customer needs.

Midtown Sky is 122 Acers and  82% of the land is dedicated to impressive greenery and lakes. Our landscaping will have you fall in love with nature every day.

Midtown Sky New Capital Location

Midtown Sky New Capital is a gated community offering views from the highest hill at the New Capital. It is located on The New Capital’s Ring Road directly across Expo City and near Al-Sokhna Highway. It is only 30 minutes away from the center of New Cairo.

The project is located in a very privileged location in Egypt in the heart of the New Capital in the 7th District (R7), which is characterized by the quietness of the suburbs as the population decreases.

It is also located near the Green River complex, the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, the exhibition city. The Republican Palace and the Scenario Project.

Moreover, it is close to Al Masa Hotel, Cairo International Airport, Regional Ring Road, and the Cathedral Church, minutes away from Al-Fattah Mosque, and a minute from Route 90.

Midtown Sky New Capital Services

The project offers the resident a wide range of services and facilities that grantee a time full of comfort, sophistication, and luxury such as:

  • Many surveillance cameras and security crew to secure and guard the whole project 24\7.
  • Vast green spaces, trees, landscapes, and artificial lakes surrounding the whole project and give beautiful natural views.
  • A barbeque area and social hubs.
  • Schools and a university with a high level of the educational system.
  • underground parking lots.
  • Sports clubs that contain many activities and playgrounds.
  • Jogging, walking, and cycling tracks.
  • Well equipped gym, spa and swimming pools.
  • A huge medical center that includes clinics and professional doctors to care about the clients’ health.
  • Many restaurants and cafes that serve at the highest quality.
  • Easy access through special gates.


In order to own your luxury dream home and enjoy a breathtaking lifestyle all you need to do is:

Send us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Or just call us on 01021400000


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