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I BUSINESS PARK is the first smart administrative towers “3 Towers” with Emirati experience that developed by ARQA Development Group.

the project is your Ideal Investment destination because it provides administrative, medical, commercial and hotel units of varying areas with great features.

I Business Park location

A privileged location on the main square of downtown and directly in front of the most important landmarks, the  “iconic” tower, on the Green River, and the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

Enjoy a unique panoramic experience of the I Business Park Towers with a spectacular 360 ° view for all units.

The Features

The best features that only I BUSINESS PARK has, and just for YOU to make you feel SPECIAL

  • The first Hanging restaurants.
  • The first Hanging Hotel units.
  • The first panoramic glass elevators.

we will take you on a unique journey and amazing adventure to see the whole administrative capital at 91 m, 360° viewing angle.

Another amazing features of I Business Park towers

  •  I Business Park provides a unique view of all the shops, restaurants and cafes on the plaza and the dancing fountain.
  • The design of the floors of the towers increases the effectiveness of the view towards the Plaza, the main square of Downtown, the Green River and the tallest tower in Africa.
  • Providing multiple entrances to the mall to ensure an easy movement from all major streets.
  • Designing separate entrances to the administrative tower, which gives privacy to administrative units and separates their visitors from those of commercial units.
  • It separates indirectly between the administrative and the commercial units to allow going down from the administrative tower and enter the mall through doors that separate the two activities.

To be a part of this adventure just send us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.     or feel free to call us on 01021400000

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