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GAIA is the Greek goddess of the Earth who is usually depicted as a beautiful woman surrounded by fruits. In modern times, some earth scientists use the term GAIA to mean the complete living planet. This is what we aim to present in our resort—a living planet that offers all services that makes life complete. GAIA is situated on the North Coast far from the maddening crowd 194 KMS from Alexandria. It is a tranquil yet exotic resort.  Al Ahly Sabbour Developments, which is the developer of the project, is a partner with the land owner with an area of 280 acres. GAIA blends together contemporary and Arabian architectural styles in order to allow residents and visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds. While contemporary architecture offers more space, big windows, light, and a view overlooking the sea, the Arabian architectural style blends in authenticity, adds a grandeur style and provides a cozy atmosphere. Complimentary to this are the great views of large lakes and the accessibility of 20,000 meters of swimmable water lagoons to all residents even those who live far from the sea. The resort satisfies all needs as it provides a variety of styles from stand-alone villas to attached twin houses, duplexes, chalets of one, two and three bedrooms and Cabanas. Cabanas are a crucial part of the resort, allowing the owners to have these cabanas, gives them closer access to the beach. It is perceived as the newest trend in beach resorts. Multiple facilities will also be offered, e.g. walking and cycling tracks, kids’ area where they will be highly engaged in various activities. A spa with a special area for yoga and gym will also be available.

عنوان العقار

  • الدولة مصر
عرض في جوجل ماب
  • كود العقار 9040
  • السعر Price on call
  • نوع العقار شقة, فيلا
  • حالة العقار للبيع



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