Fully Furnished Apartment for Rent in Zamalek


كود العقار

220 متر مربع

مساحه العقار


غرف نوم




fully Furnished Renovated flat
prime location
3 Bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Close to All facilities and Restaurants

Asking price 3000 USD

About Zamalek :-

Zamalek is an affluent district of western Cairo encompassing the northern portion of Gezira Island in the Nile River, Zamalek is one of the affluent residential districts in Greater Cairo,Many non-Egyptians live in Zamalek. The quiet, leafy streets and 19th-century apartment blocks and villas make this one of the most attractive parts of the city and a favored residential location for many of Cairo’s European expatriates.

It is also the district of many fine restaurants, bars and cafes, including traditional open-air ahwas and European cappuccino bars. The Gezira Island area is culturally active: with art galleries and museums, including the Museum of Islamic Ceramics; and two of Cairo’s major music and performing arts venues – the spacious Egyptian Opera House complex, and the El Sawy Culture Wheel Center. Several Zamalek buildings have an Art Deco style

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عنوان العقار

العنوان: الزمالك، القاهرة، مصر
  • الدولة مصر
عرض في جوجل ماب
  • كود العقار 86004
  • السعر 47,000
  • نوع العقار
  • حالة العقار
  • غرف نوم 3
  • الحمامات 2
  • مساحه العقار 220 متر مربع


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