Own an investment chance at Golden Square with installments and close delivery 2022


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An investment opportunity in the finest commercial mall in the Golden Square, an area of 83 meters for sale in 360 Mall, ground floor, in a very privileged location in the mall and in installments
The mall is located in a very attractive location in the Golden Square, the strongest investment area in New Cairo, which raises the investment value of the shop
At a very attractive and competitive price 8,300,000
Down payment 1,700,000 and the rest in installments over 5 years
delivery 2022

Three Sixty Mall New Cairo
Three Sixty New Cairo is a unique administrative, commercial, medical, and hotel project on the land of New Cairo, full of many basic and recreational services that attract many customers and investors, it is also characterized by its luxurious architectural design and its various high-end modern units between administrative offices, shops and medical clinics with spaces that suit your taste and needs.
Landmark Sabbour, the owner of the mall, has taken care of implementing it on a very large space with the picturesque green nature and charming industrial lakes that give the different units wonderful views and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for work that encourages creativity and development, in addition to choosing an ideal location in the Golden Square area near the most important main roads and away from pollution and crowded places.

360 Mall New Cairo
The mall was implemented by Land Mark Sabbour Development, which provided all its expertise and technical, human, and material capabilities to make this project appear in this wonderful way, and was keen to design it according to the latest international modern decorations and designs, and to provide a huge amount of services and features, the most prominent of which are the following:
A large garage that can accommodate a large number of cars, up to 1,400 cars, to prevent congestion in front of the mall.



Address: Three Sixty, محور الشيخ محمد بن زايد الشمالي، New Cairo 1, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
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  • Property ID 101613
  • Price 8,300,000
  • Property Type
  • Property status
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Size 83 متر مربع


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11 , block 1177 , Sheraton
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