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160 متر مربع







Own an apartment in district 5

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

160 sqm

3.7 million

6 years installments over 30% dp/ cash discount 19.4%

Delivery within 10 months


District 5 Marakez

Have you heard of “District 5”? It is one of the best residential compounds in New Cairo designed and implemented by Marakez on 200 acres in the best plot of land in New Cairo and contains residential units designed in the form of apartments, townhouses, and villas with many different spaces suitable for all customers.

This project is multipurpose as it is mainly residential and commercial, with a large mall, a large commercial area, and shopping centers, and brings together the key elements needed to create a vibrant and prosperous residential compound.

Learn more about the premium services in District 5 and book your unit now!

This compoundis one of the best residential compounds today in New Cairo, where the Compound offers more privileged services to the residents of the compound of green spaces and various spaces for

residential units that ensure the sophistication and luxury of customers.



Major features in District 5 New Cairo

Living within the project will be quiet and safe for all family members.

There is a health and sports club so that everyone can play more sports.

Malls, commercial stores, and Banks.

It has a large commercial system.


District 5 Marakez Location

This project can be considered one of the most important integrated residential projects, and it is clear from mentioning the word “integrated” that it provides residents within it all the services they need, whether basic or recreational, and by looking at the location of the project, we find that it has been carefully selected by the owners of Marakez company.


Services and Features within District 5 New Katameya

This residential project is unique with providing all the modern high-end lifestyles as well as the privacy and tranquility enjoyed by this charming location away from the hustle and bustle of life in Downtown Cairo, as for the entertainment services, it is varied so that every customer within this project finds the means of entertainment that he/she wants, these features are as follows:

Large green spaces, a large space of the project land has been allocated for the construction of green spaces and gardens, which is 82.4% of the total land of the project, and these services help to provide comfort and tranquility.

Artificial lakes, the owner company has worked to take into account the fair distribution of these blue areas throughout the compound, which gave it a beautiful appearance in harmony with the green and blue colors.

Swimming pools are varied in shape, size, and space, and the primary purpose of this diversity is to make them suitable for everyone.





Address: District 5 - Marakez, New Katameya, New Cairo 3, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
Open on Google Maps
  • Property ID 103781
  • Price 3,700,000
  • Property Type Apartment
  • Property status For Sale
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Size 160 متر مربع


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Property Agent
11 , block 1177 , Sheraton
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