Opportunity to own an apartment in Zayed by Ora with no down payment


Property ID

165 متر مربع







Chance to own an apartment  in Zed Towers

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Bua: 165

Price: 5185000

0% 8.5 years installments

2025 delivery





Zed West Sheikh Zayed:

Are you looking for the most valuable real estate projects in Egypt? Find out about Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed! Near HyperOne and July 26 axis, this integrated commercial residential project, provided by Ora Developments, owned by well-known Egyptian engineer Naguib Sawiris.

The towers are considered an architectural masterpiece that will not be repeated in the near future as the project consists of two types of towers, the first type is designed with 10 floors and 20 floors, and the two are designed for habitation

The second type has been specialized to include shops and services from the fourth floor to the end of the tower as the areas of the project vary, starting with about 90 m² up to 250 m² all this makes Zed Zayed Towers one of the most unique and contemporary real estate projects.


It is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, it is the beginning of real estate projects contributed by the well-known businessman Naguib Sawiris through Ora Developers, which built these towers with the supervision of the Construction and Housing Authority, and the company has worked on this Towers, which is a huge project with the Housing and Construction Authority by its side and this project is one of the first projects in the towers.



Ora Real Estate is a term associated with excellence, as it is a leading company whose name shines brightly in the sky of advanced and modern real estate development and construction, offering the most important projects that compete with the global real estate market. Ora Real Estate Development develops projects that are similar to those seen in Europe. Ora’s development efforts aren’t limited to the local and Arab markets. Its sales outnumber the countries of the world, and it enjoys the trust and satisfaction of a large number of prestigious customers.




Address: zed towers، Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
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  • Property ID 103639
  • Price 5,185,000
  • Property Type Apartment
  • Property status For Sale
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Size 165 متر مربع


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11 , block 1177 , Sheraton
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