Chalet for sale in Ain Sokhna, Carnelia with garden.


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Own a summer unit in one of the best projects of Sokhna, Carnelia Ain Sokhna, with a great location and a view on the sea:
– Unit area 200 m + 51 m garden.
– Number of bedrooms 4
The unit price is 5 million and 740 thousand.
– The unit is fully finished, with ACs and the kitchen.
Received after 4 years.

Payment system:
5% down payment in equal installments over 10 years.

The location of the village of Carnelia Ain Sokhna
The Carnelia project is distinguished by its privileged location as it is located in the heart of Ain Sokhna.
It is located about 15 minutes after the gates of the Galala plateau and about 10 minutes from the gates of Sokhna.
Next to the international marina for yachts and the city of Galala, and 30 km from the gates of Zafarana. The project was designed with many distinctive services to work on the comfort of the owners.

Carnelia Ain Sokhna Village
The Carnelia project is a distinctive project located in a special place in a strategic location in Ain Sokhna. The village is characterized by the fact that the village was designed with many distinguished services. The project was designed on an area of 100 acres. The project was divided into buildings, green spaces and services. The buildings were divided into chalets, townhouses, twin houses and independent villas. Ajna Real Estate Development Company designed all units directly overlooking the sea

Carnelia Ain Sokhna Village Services
The project has been designed with many distinctive services, including:
There is also a complex of cafes and restaurants that provide services at the highest level
There is also a health club that includes a gym, spa, jacuzzi and swimming pool. There is also a five-star boutique hotel. There are also garages and large swimming pools surrounding the entire village. There is also security and guarding throughout the day, equipped with the latest surveillance equipment.



Address: Carnelia El Ain El Sokhna (Ajna Developments), Galala road, طريق عين السخنة، Attaka, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
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  • Property ID 94096
  • Price 5,740,000
  • Property Type Chalet
  • Property status For Sale
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 4
  • Size 251 متر مربع


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