Chalet for sale at Porto Sokhna with spiffing view and great price.


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100 متر مربع







A very attractive opportunity Chalet for sale in Pyramids Porto Sokhna area 100 consisting of two rooms and two bathrooms, 10th floor, a wonderful view directly on the sea
For a very attractive price including a maintenance deposit 1,200,000
A wonderful icon in the world of major tourism projects, because Amer Group was keen to implement it in a luxurious manner that suits the target customers and has already succeeded in that, which prompted many to book chalets for sale in Porto Sokhna to enjoy staying in a privileged location to the utmost and to enjoy a large number of services and features at the same time.
Resort Location
It has a privileged location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, where you have a beautiful view of the seashore because it is located on the highest mountain peaks, so it is characterized by pleasant weather all year round to enjoy a wonderful holiday that you will never forget.
The resort is connected to the largest and most important Egyptian cities thanks to its privileged location, which made it close to:
Cairo: The distance between them can be covered in only an hour and a half.
The New Administrative Capital: The distance between them can be cut in a short period of 25 minutes.
The space of the Resort
An integrated project such as Porto Amer Group had to be built on a huge space extending over 2.5 million meters, and the most distinctive feature is that it is located on the highest mountain peaks, so it has a beautiful view on the seashore, with a length of about 270 meters above sea level.
Guests will enjoy staying in units surrounded by stunning decorations because green spaces, water bodies, as well as recreational facilities extend over 70% of the total space, and in return, buildings occupy the least proportion of it.



Address: Porto Sokhna, طريق الزاعفرانه, Attaka, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
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  • Property ID 94415
  • Price 1,200,000
  • Property Type
  • Property status
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Size 100 متر مربع


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