Apartment for sale at October, Mountain View with 110% down payment


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150 متر مربع







own an apartment 150 m for sale in the most prestigious mountain view projects, divided into 3 rooms, one of them is a master, 2 bathrooms, one of them is a master, a kitchen, a reception, a dressing room and a terrace.
At a very attractive price 2,240,000
Payment systems of 10% over 9 years.
Received over 4 years
Advantages of owning a unit in MOUNTAIN VIEW I CITY
The project is one of the best October compounds and the best residential complexes launched by Mountain View Company in the 6th of October City, which achieves a different lifestyle filled with all kinds of entertainment for all ages, as well as comprehensive services that provide comfort and stability for the residents, and the following we review the details of the project In terms of Mountain View iCity October prices, the importance of the location, spaces, and other information.
The location of the compound
The location of the project is very distinct, as it is located near the following:
It is located a small distance from the famous Mall of Arabia, estimated at about five minutes, no more.
It is located behind the shooting club.
Mountain View October is located ten minutes from both Dar Al Fouad Hospital and Nile National University.
The distance between it and Juhayna Mall does not exceed four minutes only.
It is a third of an hour away from the famous Mall of Egypt.

It is located near the Ring Road and the 26th of July Corridor, making it easy to get to and from it.
The distance that separates it from the Shooting Club does not exceed only two minutes.
Mountain View iCity “The Lake” includes various features and services that make it a compound that pulses with all the details of beauty and luxury; There are 11 stunning crystal water springs, magnificent Central Park, boulevard along California Rodeo Drive, quiet and comfortable workplaces, YDP, and other services represented by the club Sports, social, shops, restaurants, cafes, and security spread in the project.




Address: Mountain View iCity October, First 6th of October, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
Open on Google Maps
  • Property ID 101782
  • Price 2,240,000
  • Property Type
  • Property status
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Size 150 متر مربع


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