Admin office for sale in New Cairo with attractive price and a great chance.


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98 متر مربع





Administrative Office for sale at New Cairo (District 5 by Marakez – Owners of mall of Arabia)

Area: 98 meters
Third floor
Delivery: 3 years

Price: 5,135,000

Payment plan: 10% down payment and rest over 5 years.
-This is an investment opportunity as you’re getting an office (which is already high in return) with the starting area prices as it is a new Area and Marakez is specialised in creating new destinations as per their successful history and previous project, thus this will increase the ROI and the value of the asset later on.

-For the established medium-sized enterprises looking to uplift their headquarters into independent locations that mirror their identities and character, Mindhaus Strip introduces a variety of office typologies in a G+3 format. Spread over 16 acres, this multi-phased office park encompasses a series of boutique office buildings ranging from 600 to 2,400 sqm and overlooking District 5’s residential component as well as its commercial zone, which includes D5M, the lifestyle center, the sports complex and Mindhaus Campus.



Address: Mindhaus Campus Marakez, Cairo Governorate Desert, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
Open on Google Maps
  • Property ID 91021
  • Price 5,135,000
  • Property Type
  • Property status
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Size 98 متر مربع


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