Mazarine – The first villas in New Alamein

Price on call


كود العقار


Launching this summer “Mazarine” the first and only Villas, Twin Villas & Chalets in New Alamein! Enjoy panoramic views of the lagoon and be one of the privileged few to own a fully-finished units ranging from 167-576 sqm.

New Alamein starting prices over 7 years

 Mazarine chalets

  • 131m + 130m garden price;5.2m (2 beds) 1 unit
  • 151m + 190m garden price:6.1m (2beds)
  • 159m + 107m garden price:5.5m
  • 161m + 106m garden price:5.5m
  • 161m price:4.5m (2 beds)
  • 175m price:4.9m
  • 177m price:5m
  • 195m price:5.5m
  • 200m price:5.6m
  • 205m price:5.8m

 The Gate 05

  • 81m price: 4.5m lagoon view
  • 84m price: 4.6m lagoon view
  • 100m price: 5.5m lagoon view
  • 120m price: 6.7m lagoon view
  • 136m price: 7.6m lagoon view
  • 147m price: 8.5m sea view
  • 180m price: 9.8m lagoon view
  • 194m price: 10.5m sea view
  • 197m price: 10.6m sea view
  • 210m price: 11.3m sea view
  • 309m price: 16m sea view

 The Gate 06

  • 194m price: 9.5m sea view
  • 198m price: 9.6m sea view
  • 210m price: 10.3m sea view
  • 309m price: 15.1m sea view
  • 387m price: 18.5m sea & lagoon view

عنوان العقار

  • الدولة مصر
عرض في جوجل ماب
  • كود العقار 9062
  • السعر Price on call
  • نوع العقار شقة, فيلا, كمباوند
  • حالة العقار للبيع



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