Opportunity to own a townhouse at Silva, Zayed with spacious garden and superb price.


Property ID

223 متر مربع







Another townhouse for sale at Silva, October with very attractive prices.

-area: 223 m

-garden’s area: 129 m

-bedrooms: 3

-bathrooms: 3

-price: 5,530,000

-delivery 2025

down payment 10% over 8 years

Silva Compound offers a distinct and unique residential experience in Sheikh Zayed City

Do you dream of living in a compound full of various services, basic and recreational features that contribute to the happiness of you and your family? You will find all this and more features of luxury, sophistication, and grandeur only in Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed, as it is a place that pulses with all the details of sophistication and beauty, and attracts lovers of luxury, so if you are one of them, this place is what suits you and suits what you think of a sophisticated future for all your family members.

First Group presented its latest project, Silva Compound, which provides all the means of security and high privacy that all investors are looking for in their unit, and has been keen on having a variety of entertainment methods suitable for adults and children alike.

The great features of Silva First Group Compound

The features in the compound are the best, as the owner company provided a set of requirements and features for the unit owners in the project that make them distinct from others, and we will explain these features as follows:

  • The green spaces harmonize beautifully with the artificial lakes to give an aesthetic view that delights the eye.
  • The upscale design of the units by a group of distinguished engineers in a modern and distinctive manner with a touch of luxury, for all investors who are looking for sophistication at its best.



Address: Silva Compound, Waslet Dahshur Road, Al Giza Desert, Egypt
  • Country: Egypt
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  • Property ID 90257
  • Price 5,530,000
  • Property Type ,
  • Property status
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3
  • Size 223 متر مربع
  • Garden 129m


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11 , block 1177 , Sheraton
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