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SODIC West is Sheikh Zayed’s largest mixed-use development, offering the incentives of downtown living away from the hustle and bustle of urban city life. Twice the size of Zamalek, SODIC West embraces meticulously master-planned, exciting upscale residential, commercial and retail developments such as Allegria, Forty West, Westown Hub, The Polygon and The Strip.

With a strategic location, a diverse product offering and an urban vibe, SODIC West is set to be the neighbourhood of choice, featuring a range of interconnected mixed-use developments such as Forty West, Westown Residences, The Courtyards, The Polygon and Westown Hub, all interwoven with ample green spaces and vibrant walkways.


ONE16 is a circlet of 16 contemporary buildings that adorn the heart of SODIC West. Designed with a focus on privacy and tranquility, this

strategically positioned development does not compromise on urban convenience. Centrally located amidst SODIC West’s residential developments and with only 123 residential units, homeowners can enjoy a sense of exclusivity in a peaceful atmosphere. ONE16 suits those who appreciate the convenience of urban apartment living, close proximity to essential and recreational facilities and the peace that comes with being a member of a small community.



Address: الشيخ زايد -القاهره
  • Country: Egypt
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