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Terms and Conditions

  • It is prohibited to publish illegal content aimed at promoting illegal practices that involve civil liability
  • It is forbidden to publish news and lies that are related to distorting a person’s public image
  • It is prohibited to publish content aimed at blackmailing an individual or containing explicit pornographic material, and it is prohibited to impersonate the user as a hobby
  • It is prohibited to use the websites to download malicious programs or spread viruses or any harmful computer code
  • It is prohibited to use the site to promote a competitor or publish content unrelated to the services provided
  • It is prohibited to represent an institution or organization without the user being authorized to claim such representation
  • It is prohibited to publish materials that harm the intellectual property of their owners and are part of theft
  • Controlling the site and changing its design or modification is prohibited
  • It is forbidden to infringe on the rights of other users and steal their personal accounts


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